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“In natures economy
the currency is not
money its Life”

Vandana Shiva

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We are living on this
planet as if we had
another one to go to.

Terri Swearingen

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The proper use of science
is not to conquer nature
but to live in it.

Barry Commoner

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The fate of the living
planet is the most
important issue facing

Gaylord Nelson

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Plans to protect air and
water, wilderness and
wildlife are in fact plans
to protect man.

Stewart Udall

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  • Greener Growth is a community-focused organisation seeking to help people of all ages to be confident and self-sufficient by growing their own food. Our projects are targeted at schools, colleges, universities, prisons and village groups.

    Participants in Greener Growth will learn to plant, grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables on vacant or underused land. By so doing they will turn neglected plots into productive resources, promote biodiversity and nurture habitats for wildlife, since conservation is a key part of our ethic.